Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey pretties!

This is just going to be a update with some information about my BLOG/YOUTUBE sale! =D

Here is the info. Basically I am going to do a Youtube incorporated Blog sale. What this means is, I will be making a video soon about what I want to sell and then I will say how much I want to sell it for.

**I prefer selling to those who will buy multiples (more than one item from my sale) because shipping is expensive.
***Also, paypal only and I will ship worldwide. But, certain countries, I will NOT SHIP TO!
*PLEASE, HAVE A YT ACCOUNT WITH YOU TALKING!!! It is hard to know if something is a scam. Nowadays, scams happen left and right!
***Shipping Costs will vary on what you buy(how much you buy), and where in the world you live!!!
***Shipping with all be done through USPS and the Flat Rate shipping.
***I will ship your item(s) out by the end of the week. So friday or saturday. This is because I live out in the middle of nowhere, have no vehicle and my hubby works m to f a 7 to 430 shift and the post office closes at 5 (we live 30 minutes from his work) so he is unable to get my packages out before (obviously lol) and after work. So depending on the Friday (has every other friday off) and Saturday (Drill weekend is the first weekend of every month!) that is when I will be able to get your package out!!!
**Also, if you want your package next day or 2nd day, etc, quicker method of shipping, please let me know BEFORE you purchase the item or tell me you want something, so I can figure out the shipping. I will include the extra shipping on the invoice and get that sent to you asap!
**FORTUNATELY, I do not mind holding anything, but please do not expect me to hold like 10 different things and not sell them in a certain amount of time. I will give you 24 hours, and if I do not hear from you within that time frame, I will put that item back on/"un pend" so someone else can buy it. =)

I think that is everything!!! Follow me on twitter for quick response and youtube links so you can check out my amazing items!
@denivaheartsyou is my twitter link. do not be shy babes!

Thanks and Happy Buying!
Hope you find something you like!=D

Sorry ya'll!

Video should be up in a week or so, so keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. Great idea, Denise. Nice way to get rid of stuffies you don't/need & make money off it too :D