Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday WishList!!!! SOOO EXCITED!

Okay, so as MOST of you probably know, and if you have been following me on twitter, you KNOW, i have been talking about my birthday in June... And I will be 21!!!

Honestly, I do not much care about the 21 part... you know, the legality to go to bars and buy your own alcohol. But, I HATE the taste, the smell, and the fact I am a damn lightweight and can barely drink a sip without feeling the hotness and encountering the "Asian glow."

I just think that since, I will not be blowing my husband's money on him taking me to a bar and having a party with kegs and liters and liters of alchy, I figured, I should make a list of the more EXPENSIVE things I want, but will probably not get. My hubby would NEVER buy me a designer bag... =( The only things he ever has truly given me, was CASH! I love cash, do not get me wrong, but it would be sweet of him to get me a Juicy bag. I AM DYING!!!

SO here are pictures of the things I am WISHING FOR. hehe =D

Juicy purse... I do not really like any of their more eccentric and colorful ones. I find them to be to juvenile for my tastes. They are still adorable and gorgeous, but not something I would buy. =D

I have been wanting a new vanity for quite some time... I do not care for anything too huge or fancy, but something somewhat exciting looking.

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