Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog Sale/Video Updates

Hey gorgeous people!

Okay, so I want to start out and inform you guys about a FUTURE blog sale I will be having. I tried to have a different one previously, but that was an epic FAIL! =(

Soooo, I am basically stating in this blog that I will be having another one, with a wider variety of beauty products and fashion related items. It will not be for a few weeks, maybe less, maybe a bit more. But, like you, I have a life, and would like to keep my life a priority since my husband and I have just recently gotten our own place. *YAY*

But, anyways, yes I am hosting my second blog sale so stay tuned for that and you WILL NOT be disappointed!!

Also, as far as videos go??

This blog is mainly meant for my fellow youtubers/twitter followers so mostly video ideas/update info will be posted here.

You can expect the following within the next week or two:
<3 Room Tour
<3 Closet Tour
<3 Makeup Storage (collection for those who understand I WILL NOT be bragging!!!!)
<3 Random Facts (Tag)
<3 Jewelry and Accessories Tag
<3 8 Most Worn things Tag
<3 A Husband (boyfriend/fiancee for those who are not married) Tag
<3 And manyyyy more!

So keep checking my twitter here> twitter.com/makeupaddictxxx
And youtube as well @ youtube.com/glamxdollxeyesx89

Thanks so much for following and stay beautiful <3