Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring and Summer Fashion Loves...

I am loving a lot of the Victoria Secret clothing pieces as well as their shoes.

I never buy anything as far as clothing items online because I just find it to be out of my price range on top of the fact, a lot of things I find to be cute or sexy are not flattering on me... maybe my skin tone or body shape individually, or just both combined.

It is sad because have wide everything it seems, like broader shoulders than the average woman as well as wide feet. And I think the demographic for MOST of VS's clothing is ranged for tall and thin woman or just small and skinny. I do not know, but it saddens me. =(

Either way, I stick to what I know. And what looks good on my upper body are halter and off the shoulder tops, as opposed to other types of tops. If I were to wear a tube top dress or shirt, it can NOT be a straight line, the cut has to be a sweetheart shape or I will look more broad and that is not what I want.

So let's get to the pictures shall we? I am positive you will all salivate over some of my picks, just because the models wear them all very nice... *skinny b*tches* =D

**the first two are from Forever 21** I wanted to combine them since I only had TWO that I liked from the site.**

NOW, on to the sexy stuff =D

I could NEVER wear that... =( So so sad. It is gorgeous, with the lacy type design and the light pink is just the most gorgeous color. I HATE STRAIGHT NECK LINES!!!

I absolutely adore the beading. The tangerine/coral color really goes well with the turquoise colored stone.

This is uber casual, but can also be played dressy with the right tools. I love the braided design and the color is probably the one I would buy.

Animal prints are sexy. And the fact that it is OFF SHOULDER makes me drool even more. Definitely a great addition to any seasonal wardrobe.

I think what got me is the sweetheart neckline. I can never pull off the spaghetti straps because that just makes my shoulder and chest look less manlier than I would look wearing a tube top with a STRAIGHT cut, but still? LESS is still bad... I wanna look a woman with small shoulders, not a girly man.

I LOVE LOVE everything about this dress. Purple, especially dark purple looks great with my skin tone. It is the Asian in me, and it is suitable for woman of color... Look at the model. She is GORGEOUS in this dress. I HAVE TO HAVE IT! =)

More purple, I know! Lilac/Lavender are other shades of purple I am loving. I really love the whole style with this dress. The fact that it is a halter and the band going around the waist gives it another special touch.

Purple again. I am ADDICTED I tell ya! The ruffle one shoulder design is gorgeous. I can say that this is another piece I want... RIGHT NOW!

The red one is the one I adore! And what drew me to this shoe, was the cheetah/leopard print once again.

Looking for a good beige/nude heel. And I love both of the nude ones here. What do you think is better?

These heels are just FUCKING SEXY! The braided straps are hot. The color (nude one) is just mouth watering. Overall. I think I just created another Niagara Falls over here just by drooling over this damn shoe.

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