Monday, November 30, 2009

Update!!! New Job, Family Issues, & suchhh

Hey everybody!
this blog is going to be about some random crapola. First, I had an interview at Walmart for a Seasonal Job and I got it!!!! Not sure how such a big business handles employees who are temp or seasonal if they do a good job because I really want to make it a regular position. Hope all goes well because I need MY OWN $$$!!!
Also, lately, I have just been soooooooo aggravated with some family members. They are adults and should know not to push others buttons, and stupidly thinking (my husband) or me will just take that BS. It is just frustrating... I know that when one marries a man, they marry the family, but DAMN, do you have to do things that piss me the hell off?!!!

I do not know what is wrong with people. Family should not talk about me, my husband and things about us they just assume because I just have one word for you all.... KARMA!!!


So yeah, that is my rant for the week.
Talk to you all shortly.

Bye Sweeties!!!
MUAH xoxo

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